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Is It Really Just The State Of Mind That Makes A Person Rich??

September 12, 2013

Hello Everyone! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time out to read this.

I’m sure this is a question that you would like answered and many of you may already know the answer to this question, but I want to answer this for those who many not know, and also go into more detail to help those who do know to better understand how to apply this to get what they want out of this daily application that we call life.

I’m sure many of you have heard of Napoleon Hill, A famous man who have interviewed many of the richest people in those times to find out what was the keys to there wealth and success. Although there are many other keys that lead to their success such as “Definiteness Of Purpose,” and Budgeting Of Time and Money.” Their is something just as important if not even more important and that is how a person THINKS. Have you ever wondered why one of Napoleon Hill’s Books is called “Think And Grow Rich,”? Well it’s called that because he wants us to get this key point. And that is that it’s our thoughts that brings wealth, Success, and happiness into our lives. Our Labor alone will only go but so far, and even with that, we must have a certain mindset in that regard to bring those certain things into our lives. Napoleon Hill said this in his book “Think Your Way To Wealth, “The major difficulty of most men who go through life poverty-stricken is that they neither recognize the power of their own minds or make any attempt to take possession of their minds.”

So, what this means to me is that we must take control of what we think about. Most of us go through life without really taking control of the thoughts that goes through our minds and so we just think about whatever comes to mind without really thinking about what we are thinking about. To add to this, with our thoughts comes our emotions. The truth is that our thoughts control our emotions and how we feel about certain things. For example, if someone told you that you won $10,000 and that the money is yours and they gave you the check as a result how would that make you feel? I bet you would feel pretty good right? The reason for this is because your mind told you that you have won $10,000 and so your thoughts are in line with this and now your thinking about not only the money but what you are about to do with it, with is going to make you feel even better. The same rule applies if you have gotten some bad news from someone, because you are thinking about that bad news it is going to make you feel bad. But we can control this as a result of controlling our thoughts and what we think about.
So, as we apply this to money and getting rich, Napoleon Hill tells us to have a money conscience, a mindset to attract wealth into our lives as a result of controlling our thoughts and our emotions.

I have heard someone say it in a simple way, “just feel good all day long”. Why is this important? Well, because as you just feel good, you will be thinking on what you really want which is going to attract that and similar things to you.

These are proven techniques

that works, as a matter of fact I have a course that will teach anyone that is willing to learn, how to apply this to their lives and get whatever they want. It’s a full course and I’m sure you will be please with the information and the knowledge that is shared within it.
Get in contact with me for more information on this, I will leave my contact information at the end of this so I can send the program to you directly.

The Mind is so much powerful then we can even start to imagine. We must learn how to use it to it’s fullness potential because great things have been born from the mind this is just the beginning!

Have a awesome day!!



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